Effective December 1, 2018


Article 1. History In the year 1966 the Council for Yeast Research, composed of prominent specialists in the field of yeasts was established in Bratislava. In 1971 the Council was transferred into the International Association of Microbiological Societies (IAMS), now International Union of Microbiological Societies (IUMS).

Article 2. Name The name of the organization shall be the International Commission on Yeasts (ICY).

Article 3. Structure The International Commission for Yeasts shall be an organization within the IAMS. For this reason the ICY is subject to the statute of IAMS and shall determine only specialized by-laws.

Article 4. Affiliation Any regional yeast commission organized within their national microbiological societies irrespective of size or location may seek affiliation with ICY.

Article 5. Headquarters of ICY Headquarters of ICY shall be the offices of the Chairman and Secretary of ICY.

Article 6. Selection of the Chairman and Secretary The Chairman and Secretary of ICY for the term of four years shall be the Chairman and Secretary of the Organizing Committee of the last General Symposium. The Vice-Chairman is automatically the retiring-Chairman of the previous General Symposium.

Article 7. Membership ICY shall consist of up to three members from every country. The nomination process of a new member is as follows: 1) Nominator will send the Chairman the necessary documents* as attached files via e-mail at least one month before the ICY meeting. *Necessary documents are (i) a CV, (ii) a Letter of Recommendation from an appropriate local scientific society and (iii) a Letter of Recommendation from a Commissioner (basically in the same nation, but in the case of a new country, from the appropriate Commissioner). The last two documents must be made on the letterhead of the Society or the Commissioner’s institution and include scanned signatures (Head or Secretary General of Society and Commissioner). 2) The Chairman will spread them to all members, who should read them before the ICY meeting. Members should communicate their opinion (pro and con) to the Chairman in advance of the ICY meeting, at which time a vote will be held. Membership criteria is as follows: 1) If a member cannot participate in an ICY meeting, he/she should send apologies with delegation of authority to the Chairman. This would be enough to maintain one’s status as a member. 2) If a member has been silent for 4 years or has not given good reasons for not attending the ICY/ISSY, he/she should be replaced. 3) If a member has been active in research and Commission work, his/her membership will continue.

Article 8. Objectives The general objectives of ICY shall be: To establish an effective liaison between persons and organizations concerned with yeast investigations, and between them and the practical users of results of investigations including yeast culture collections. ICY will use the "Yeast Newsletter" as a means of communication. ICY shall sponsor conferences and symposia on topics and problems of common interest. Every four years a General Symposium (International Congress on Yeasts; ICY) and if possible each year in the meantime a Specialized Symposium (International Specialized Symposium on Yeasts; ISSY) shall be held. Members of ICY shall be informed about regional conferences of yeasts.

Article 9. Activities The activities of the ICY shall be conducted through the Executive Board (EB), composed of the Chairman, Vice-chairman and Secretary.

Article 10. Duties of the ICY and its officers The Chairman shall preside at meetings of the ICY. The Vice-Chairman shall, in the absence of the Chairman, perform the duties and exercise the powers of the Chairman. The Secretary shall record the minutes of meetings of the ICY. He shall be responsible generally for the maintenance of effective liaison between the ICY and affiliated organizations. He shall prepare reports of EB for presentation to the ICY and send invitations for its meetings.

Article 11. Meetings Meetings of the Commission (ICY) shall be held every general and specialized symposium. The members of the Commission will be officially invited by the Headquarters to every meeting.

Article 12. Rights, privileges and obligations of membership All members shall enjoy full participation in the affairs of the ICY except where otherwise stated in statutes. No member shall use his connection with the ICY to further interests of his or any other organization except as is provided for in the statutes. The ICY shall not be responsible for the utterance or acts of its individual members.

Article 13. Amendments to the statutes Any proposals for amendments to the statutes may be made in writing to the Secretary of the ICY at least six months prior to a meeting of the ICY.

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