Article 1: Official name

The Mycology and Eukaryote Microbiology (MEM) division of the International Union of Microbiological Societies (IUMS).

Article 2: Objectives

The objectives of the Division are:

(a) To further the discipline of eukaryote microbiology, including mycology and all branches of science related to it.

(b) To establish and maintain contact among eukaryote microbiologists and organizations related to eukaryote microbiology throughout the world by sponsoring international congresses, symposia, conferences and colloquia, distributing current information in the field of eukaryote microbiology, and initiating and supporting other appropriate activities.

(c) To represent eukaryote microbiologists as a Division of IUMS.

(d) To be responsible to the Executive board of IUMS (EB-IUMS) in accordance with Articles of the Statutes of IUMS related to the Divisions.

(e) To maintain contact with other Divisions of IUMS through exchange of information on divisional activities and hold inter-divisional meetings in accordance with rulings of IUMS.

(f) To organize, support and participate in activities of Committees, commissions and Federations of IUMS as may be appropriate for international cooperation and agreement.

(g) To encourage research in eukaryote microbiology, including mycology.

(h) To encourage the highest standard of training for eukaryote microbiologists and related specialists of all nations.

Article 3: Membership

Member societies, Associate Societies and supporting members of IUMS, having an active interest in eukaryote microbiology and related branches of science, may become a member of the division. A country may have more than one Member Society in the Division. The Division has established Committees, Commissions and Federations (hereafter COMCOFS), each concerned with a particular aspect of mycology, which contribute to the activities of the division. COMCOFs will present an annual written report to the Divisional Executive Committee.

Article 4: National or Regional Groups

Eukaryote microbiologists and related specialists, belonging to National societies of IUMS, may group themselves into national or regional organizations within the Division, provided that such an arrangement seems desirable to the Societies in question and is in no way detrimental to these Societies.

Article 5: Divisional Council

The divisional Council is comprised of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary-Treasurer, the Immediate Past-Chairman and one delegate from each National Committee and COMCOF. Divisional council will meet twice at the time of the divisional congress.

Article 6: Voting

Each National Committee may send a delegate or delegated to the meetings of the Council. Each National Committee has one vote. The delegate for each COMCOF has one vote. The Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer has one vote.

Article 7: The Executive Committee of the Division

(a) The officers of the Division shall consist of a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman - who shall be Chairman-Elect, and a Secretary-Treasurer. These 3 officers and the immediate Past-Chairman shall be the Executive Committee of the Division.

(b) Members of the Executive Committee have terms as follows:

(i) The term of office for members of the Executive Committee ordinarily begins at the end of the last session of each Division Council meeting.

(ii) The term of office for members of the Executive Committee is four years. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman may not be re-elected to the same office for a second term, but thereafter is ineligible for re-election.

(c) Nominations for the position of Vice-Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer will be called for 6 months prior to a Divisional Council meeting. Curriculum vitae and a statement of willingness to serve from those nominated will be circulated to the delegates before the divisional Council meeting and election will be majority of voting delegates present at the Council meeting.

(d) Should a vacancy on the Executive Committee or the Advisory Council occur between meetings, nominations for replacement shall be made by the remaining members of the Executive Committee and the Advisory Council. The Secretary-Treasurer will conduct an election by mail ballot of the division Council. A simple majority vote of members will constitute election. The postal votes are to be recorded within a time set by the Executive Committee in each case.

(e) The main duty of the Executive Committee is to organize at intervals of 3 years an International Congress of Mycology and Eukaryote Microbiology, and between congresses, such other meetings and activities as may be appropriate:

(i) The time and place of the Congress will be decided by the Executive Committee in consultation with the Council (see Article 9) at one Congress in anticipation of the next.

(ii) For each Congress, there will be a Program Committee composed of the Chairman of each COMCOF and other members to be appointed by the Executive Committee and chaired by the Vice-Chairman of the division. Local and program arrangements will be in the hands of a Local Host Committee. The Program will be submitted for approval by the Executive Committee.

(f) Duties of the Chairman are:

(i) To preside at the meetings of the Executive Committee and the Divisional Council.

(ii) To prepare, with the Secretary, the agenda for meetings of the Executive Committee.

(iii) To prepare, with the Secretary and other members of the Executive Committee, the agenda for meetings of the Divisional Council.

(iv) To attend meetings of the Executive Board of IUMS.

(g) Duties of the Vice-Chairman are:

(i) To preside at the meetings of the Executive Committee and Divisional Council in the absence of the Chairman.

(ii) To prepare, with other members of the Executive Committee, the agenda for meetings of the divisional Council.

(iii) To prepare the scientific program of the Mycology Congress together with the Local Host Committee

(iv) To attend the meetings of the Executive Board of IUMS.

(h) Duties of the Secretary-Treasurer are:

(i) To prepare, with the Chairman, the agenda for meetings of the Executive Committee of the Division.

(ii) To prepare, with other members of the Executive Committee, the agenda for meetings of the Divisional Council.

(iii) To attend the meetings of the Executive Board of IUMS in the absence of the Chairman and Vice-chairman.

(iv) To present the meetings of the Divisional Council a report covering all pertinent activities of the Executive Committee.

(v) To correspond with the Member societies and COMCOFS and to perform duties as the Executive Committee of the Division may from time to time determine.

(vi) To be responsible for any funds that may be allocated to the Division by IUMS or received from other sources approved by the Executive Committee.

(vii) To conduct elections and other duties that are necessary to carry on the business of the Division.

(viii) To prepare a report on the activities of the division for the Chairman to present at meetings of the Executive Board of IUMS.

(ix) To provide the Secretary-General of IUMS and the Secretaries of the other divisions and COMCOFS with proposals, notices of proposals, congresses, symposia, conferences, colloquia and other meetings as appropriate.

Article 8: The Duties of the Officers and Council

(a) To organize the Division effectively.

(b) To maintain communication with:

(i) The Executive Board of IUMS

(ii) Other division of IUMS

(iii) Existing COMCOFS that are relevant to the division.

(c) To form committees as necessary for performing the duties and functions of the division.

(d) To hold plenary meetings of the Division council.

(e) To elect the Executive Committee.

(f) To consider and vote upon the recommendations of the Executive Committee relative to the activities of the Division.

Article 9: Advisory council

The Advisory council shall consist of one member selected by each COMCOF, the elected delegate to EB-IUMS, three selected by the Executive Committee.

(a) The Advisory council shall advise the Executive Committee on matters of policy.

(b) The Advisory Council shall meet jointly with the Executive Committee at the time of each Division Congress.

Article 10: General

(a) No publication of the Division or Committees of the division shall bear any indication of sponsorship by a commercial company or institution connected in any way with a commercial company, except an acceptable acknowledgement of financial assistance.
Furthermore, any publication containing material not authorized, prepared, or edited by the division or Committees of the Division may not bear the name of IUMS without specific permission of the EB-IUMS.

(b) No one connected with a commercial firm may his/her connection with the Mycology and Eukaryote Microbiology Division or Committees of the division, either as a member or office, to advertise or promote his/her company in any way.

Article 11: Legal Seat

The division shall have its legal seat where the Chairman has his/her headquarters.

Article 12: Disposition of Funds

Any remaining funds shall be turned back to the Treasurer of the IUMS in the event of dissolution of the Division.

Article 13: The Statutes

The Statutes of the division shall be approved by its Council and by the EB-IUMS. The Executive Committee may propose changes in the Statutes of Bylaws dealing with matters not specified in the Statutes; these must be ratified by the Council and EB IUMS to become effective. Any Member Society in good standing may propose an alteration in the Statutes by giving at least 6 months notice to the Secretary, who shall refer the proposal to the Executive Committee and to the next meeting of the Council. The Statutes shall be amended by a two-thirds majority of the voting delegated present at the Council meeting and approval by the Executive Board of the IUMS.

As ratified by the Council meeting in Montreal on July 28 2014.


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