The objectives of the Division are:

(a) To further the discipline of eukaryote microbiology, including mycology and all branches of science related to it.
(b) To establish and maintain contact among eukaryote microbiologists and organizations related to eukaryote microbiology throughout the world by sponsoring international congresses, symposia, conferences and colloquia, distributing current information in the field of eukaryote microbiology, and initiating and supporting other appropriate activities.

At the council meeting of the division in Montreal on Monday July 28 2014  the transition was proposed from the Division Mycology [MYC] to a Division Mycology & Eukaryotic Microbiology (MEM). This proposal was accepted. The inclusion of other areas of eukaryotic microbiology give IUMS the possibility to position its MYC congress in the broader context of eukaryotic microbiology and thus to diminish program overlap with the IMA congresses.

Executive Board

Minutes of the Council meeting in Montreal (28 July 2014)

Mycology Division Statutes

A history of the Mycology Division under IUMS. Download the PDF.



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