Time: 11.00- 13.00

Venue: Simpor Junior Ballroom 4810B, Level 4. Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956


AGENDA for document relevant to this meetings click here

1- Accreditation of voting delegates *

2- Welcome, apologies and announcements.

3- Approval of final agenda.

4- Approval of the Minutes of the 2014 Montreal BAM Divisional Council Meeting.

5- Final Acceptance of the corrected version of the BAM Constitution.

6- Chairperson report - Miguel Vicente.

7- Vice Chairperson report - Rosalba Lagos.

8- Secretary-Treasurer report and Annual Financial Statement - Dörte Becher.

9- Election of Vice-Chairperson and Secretary-Treasurer of the Division.

10- Next Meeting.

11- Any Other Business


* IMPORTANT NOTE: please show your accreditations and proxy vote delegations to the Secretary Treasurer before the start of the Assembly Meeting. A written and original signed copy should be provided.