The International Union of Microbiological Societies (IUMS) supports studies of pathogenic micro-organisms that are directed towards increasing knowledge of how these organisms propagate, cause disease and disseminate between hosts. Such knowledge will aid the development of vaccines or therapies to prevent or treat disease and will also aid detection of micro-organisms with properties likely to increase their transmission, virulence or drug-resistance.
IUMS supports an open and balanced discussion of the risks and benefits associated with such work.
IUMS opposes the indiscriminate prohibition of specific types of experiments, such as those involving gain or loss of function. Rather, IUMS supports careful evaluation of the risks of such experiments in open discussion with safety committees and funding agencies. Scientists who wish to undertake such work under the level of containment approved by safety committees, and with strict adherence to these conditions, should be supported.  
IUMS also supports publication of the results deriving from such research in a forum that should be available to all without restriction. IUMS Executive Board - July 31st 2014