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Dear microbiologists around the world,

We are happy to share with you that the next IUMS Congress will be held simultaneously in person in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, as well as online between 20-22 July 2022.

IUMS 2022 Banner 650x650With IUMS 2022 we aim to bring together medical and non-medical microbiologists from different disciplines around a theme that concerns us all worldwide, namely the ecological disturbances and disruption, including the rapid extinction of many species. As microbiologists, it is of the utmost importance to understand the role that microorganisms play in this and to find and share potential solutions. With this in mind, the following theme has been chosen for this conference:

‘Microbiological adaptation in times of ecological disturbance and disruption’.
This three-day meeting will include keynote lectures by scientific leaders, bridging sessions and workshops organized by the three IUMS divisions: Bacteriology and Applied Microbiology, Virology, and Mycology and Eukaryotic Microbiology.

In addition to excellent science, the participants will also be able to enjoy the many attractions of Rotterdam and the Netherlands. Rotterdam is a dynamic metropole, internationally renowned as a ‘gateway to Europe’, well connected by train and various nearby airports; Amsterdam (Schiphol), Rotterdam, Eindhoven, and Brussels.

We look forward to seeing you in person in Rotterdam coming July!

Eliora Z. Ron, PhD Professor of Microbiology, Tel Aviv University. President of IUMS – International Union of Microbiological Societies 

Heiman F.L. Wertheim on behalf of NVMM Member of NVMM

Marien I. de Jonge on behalf of KNVM Chair of the KNVM 

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