ICFM - International Commission on Food Mycology

Chairperson: Ludwig Niessen. eMail: niessen@wzw.tum.deSecretary: Su-Lin Heden. Treasurer: Emilia Rico

For website see www.foodmycology.org.

ICIF - International Commission on Indoor Fungi. 

Contact person: Robert A Samson. eMail: r.samson@cbs.knaw.nl

For website see www.indoormold.org

ICPA - International Commission on Penicillium & Aspergillus. 

Chairperson: Robert A Samson. eMail: r.samson@cbs.knaw.nl. Secretary:Giancarlo Perrone

For website see www.aspergilluspenicillium.org

ICTF - International Commission on Taxonomy of Fungi

Chairperson: Conrad Schoch eMail: schoch2@ncbi.nlm.nih.gov. Secretary:Andrew Miller

website see www.fungaltaxonomy.org

ICY -International Commission on Yeasts.

Chairperson: Charles A. Abbas. eMail: Charles.Abbas@adm.com

website: http://icyeast.org/. For the ICY Newsletter click here: Newsletter