BIDS TO HOST IUMS CONGRESSES (download Guidelines as PDF).

Prospective organisers are advised that the organization of an IUMS Divisional International Congress is a complex and demanding task which must be undertaken only with the backing and full involvement of an IUMS member national society or committee.

Societies/committees wishing to make a bid to host future congresses should be aware that two time frames can be considered, both of which have been a feature of previous meetings:

1) The International Congresses of Bacteriology and Applied Microbiology (BAM) and Mycology and Eukaryotic Microbiology (MEM) and the International Congress of Virology can be held back to back over a two week period, usually in the month of August.

2) All three Congresses are held during a single week. This provides an opportunity for jointly run bridging sessions

Bids for Congresses six years hence should be made in writing to the IUMS Executive Board, at least three months prior to the impending IUMS International Congresses. The Executive Board will consider all bids at its meeting during the congresses and announce its decision shortly thereafter.

Bids should include the following information:

1 Description of Congress Facilities needed for each of the BAM and Eukaryotic Microbiology and Virology Congresses. If both Congresses are held simultaneously, the Congress Centre must have twice this number of halls

Suggested minimum requirement:

  • One hall for 2000 participants
  • 10 halls for simultaneous scientific sessions:
  •  2 halls for 500 participants
  •  3 halls for 300 participants
  •  3 halls for 200 participants
  •  2 halls for 100 participants
  •  10 Committee rooms for simultaneous meetings for COMCOFs (IUMS Committees, Commissions and Federations) (between 30-100 people) and IUMS Executive Board (up to 30 people). (all of the above with appropriate equipment and facilities for scientific presentations)
  • Adequate space for 1000 posters, commercial exhibits and registration
  • Adequate catering facilities
  • All these facilities should be within easy walking distance of each other.
  • The rooms must be accessible for disabled persons

During the weekend separating the three Congresses, if they are held over two weeks, or during the Congress week if they are held during the same week the IUMS General Assembly meeting will be held (100 - 200 participants) and a hall for this meeting must be made available.

2 Nature of National Organizing Committees

The Bacteriology and Applied Microbiology Division, the Mycology and Eukaryotic Microbiology Division and the Virology Division will each require a separate National Organising Committee (NOC) to be established by the National Committee or Host Society. The International Scientific Programme Committee (ISPC) of each congress is a divisional responsibility and it will be chaired by vice-chair of that Division. The chair of each NOC will serve as vice-chair of that ISPC.

Information should be provided on the proposed make up of the NOCs including the identity of the proposed chair(s) and name of the professional congress organising company (if any) that will be employed by the Host Society.

3 Nature of accommodation available

A price range for different types of accommodation should be provided with the approximate number of rooms available for different categories including student accommodation.

4 Finances

The financial arrangements for the Congresses shall be the sole responsibility of the National Committee (or National Member Society if there is only one society) of the country hosting the Congresses. When bids are submitted, evidence of adequate financial backing, including written guarantees must be provided. Any contract with a professional congress organising committee is the responsibility of the National Committee (or National Member Society if there is only one society) of the member country, but it will be expected that the treasurer of the congress(es) will be appointed by, and be a member of, the host National Committee or Society.

When producing an outline budget please note that IUMS requires that the following are included:

▪                       US$ 50 for each registered participant (whether full, student, or subsidised registrant) at the Congress will be paid to IUMS. Out of this account, US$20 will be retained by IUMS and US$10 will be transferred to each Division, proportional to the number of paid registrations. If students or young scientists are sponsored, this sponsorship has to include the payment of Congress registration as well as the IUMS levy. It is therefore essential that delegates register for a specific congress.

▪                       In the event that a granting agency makes a travel grant conditional on the waiving of the registration fee, such a waiving of fees does not release the organizers from payment of the IUMS levy.

▪                       All expenses, including travel, secretarial and administrative costs for the activities of the Divisional Chairs and Vice-Chairs in relation to planning, organizing and attending the Congress, shall be borne by the National Organizing Committee.

▪                       Provision be made to waive the Congress registration fees of the other members of the IUMS Executive Board (8 members) and the Division Secretaries (3 members) who have to attend the official meetings during the Congresses.

▪                       Facilities for publicity purposes (ie. space and furniture) should be provided to the organisers of the next Congress and to IUMS Executive Board, free of charge.

▪                       The organizers will accept a commitment to help young scientists to attend the Congresses by providing fellowships or other financial help. Such funds may be raised from sources other than the registration fees, e.g. from corporate sponsorship.

▪                       The cost of all the above together with the hire cost of the facilities should be included in an outline budget and presented, along with the proposed registration fees, as part of the bid documentation.

5 Any additional information:

Any additional information that may be required and that should be brought to the attention of the Executive Board (e.g. restrictions on currency exchange/transfer etc.) must be clearly identified.

6 Free Circulation of Scientists:

In terms of a directive of the International Council of Science (ICSU) on the Free Circulation of Scientists, a country which offers to host an IUMS Congress must abide by the ruling of free circulation of scientists and can have no visa restrictions for scientists wishing to attend the Congress. Should there be any such restrictions at the time of the bid being made, these should be clearly stated in the bid documentation.

7 Protocol

Committees should note that IUMS requires that the following protocols be adhered to as part of the conference organisation.

▪        The Chair of each IUMS Division, who will be the chair of the corresponding Congress, shall be involved in the planning of the Congress and will be responsible for ensuring that the Congress effectively promotes the Division's discipline and that it presents all of the diverse scientific interests thereof. They are also responsible for promoting the interests of those members in countries where the divisional discipline is not well represented.

▪        The Vice-Chair of each Division will be the Chair of the International Scientific Programme Committee (ISPC) and responsible for formulating the scientific programme. He/she is required to liaise with the Advisory Council of the Division in constituting the ISPC and to canvass the views of the Advisory Council on the format and content of the Congress. In framing the scientific programme of the Congress, the Chair of the ISPC will work with the Divisional Chair and Chair of the NOC. The Chair of the ISPC will normally be a person from a country other than the one hosting the Congress.

▪        The host National Committee or Society, following acceptance of their bid by the Executive Board of IUMS, must give an undertaking in writing that they will guarantee to:

▪        ensure that they provide a Treasurer to oversee the congress accounts and expenditure ;

▪        ensure that the sum of US$50 will be paid for each registrant irrespective of whether they are free or student registrants;

▪        ensure that any student fellowships agreed to in the bid documentation are adhered to;

▪        provide a detailed progress report of the NOC, including budget, local organisation activities, and other relevant information to each meeting of the IUMS Executive Board;

▪        produce a report of the Congress as soon as possible after the event, together with audited accounts of the Congress finances. This report should be submitted to the IUMS Executive Board and to the organisers of the following International Congresses. Following this, the Treasurer together with the Secretary/Treasurer of each Division, in consultation with the NOC Chair, should publish a report on the Congresses, including full, audited accounts of the Congresses.

▪        The ISPC will also provide a report to the IUMS Executive Board through the Chair of the Committee, who is also a member of the Executive Board by virtue of his position as Divisional Vice-Chair.

▪        A database of all the delegates should be made available to the organisers of the next Congress. This database should not be used for purposes other than publicising the next Congress without permission of the Chair of the NOC which compiled the data base.

8. Signed agreement.

All bids must include a letter from the responsible officer in the National Committee or Host Society giving an undertaking that they will adhere to all the IUMS Congress Guidelines. This letter must be included in the copy of the bid documentation sent to the Secretary-General of IUMS.

No bid will be considered without this signed undertaking.

Guidelines January 2017