The next IUMS General Assembly will take place on Sunday July 16 2017 11.00-13.00 at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre.

Grand Ballroom M level 5

1 Welcome & introduction by the President

2 Roll-call & introduction of voting delegates by the Secretary General and his assistants

3 Adoptions of Minutes of the Montreal 2014 General Assembly (click here for the draft minutes)

4. Prof Kazuyuki Tatsumi (Member of the ICSU Executive Board): ICSU for the Benefit of Science, All Societies, and Human Beings

5 Report of the President (Yuan Kun Lee)

6 Report of the Treasurer

7 Report of the Secretary (RA Samson)

8 Divisional Reports

  • BAM (M Vicente)
  • Mycology and Eukaryotic Microbiology (T. Boekhout)
  • Virology (T. Dermody)

10 Report UNESCO, IUMS, SGM Fellowships (Yuan Kun Lee)

11 Report on IUMS Awards (M Pizza)

12 Report of the Nomination Committee for the new Executive Board

Voting by IUMS delegates for the Election of:

  • President-Elect
  • 2 Vice Presidents
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary General
  • 2 Members at Large

For the nominations click here

14. IUMS outreach programmes. Report of activities (S Lerner, RA Samson)

15 IUMS Congress Daejon (S-Korea) 2020 and announcement of the site for 2023

16 AOB

17 Notification of the new Executive Board Members to attend the Handover meeting


Nominations new Executive Board 2017-2020
Position Name nominated by
President elect Rino Rappuoli (Italy) Italian Society of Microbiology
Vice President I Sang-Ki Rhee (Korea) Korean Society of Microbiology and Biotechnology
Vice President II Mariagrazia Pizza (Italy) Italian Society of General Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology
Scretary General Robert A Samson (Netherlands) unopposed
Treasurer Heather Lawrence UK) Israel Academy of Sciences
Member at Large I Ichiroo Nakagawa (Japan) Federation of Microbiologial Societies of Japan
member at Large II Miguel Vicente (Spain) French Society of Microbiology and Spanish Society of Microbiology

The General Assembly elects the Officers of the Union (the President-Elect, two Vice-Presidents, Secretary-General, and Treasurer) and two Members-at-Large, receives reports and, as required, approves activities of the Executive Board and initiates further business.

Nominations, containing a biography of the nominee and a statement indicating a willingness to serve, are sought from National Committees and from Divisions for the offices of President-Elect,  two Vice- Presidents,  Secretary-General (unopposed change in Constitution),  Treasurer and  two Members-at-Large. It is important to note that members of the Executive Board will be responsible for specific portfolios and that nominees are aware about their duties and responsibilities.

For forms to nomination of new members of the Executive board click here

New members (Vice Chair and Secretary/Treasurer) for the Executive Boards of the three Divisions (Virology, BAM and Mycology and Eukaryotic Microbiology) are sought by their Secretary/treasurer. Nomination forms can be found here

For the election of the members of the new Eecutive Board and the Boards of the Divisions of Virology, BAM and Mycology and Eukaryotic Microbiology (MEM) you can download the PDF or word files. Please note that these forms should be submitted to the Secretary General or Secretaries of the divisions before April 15 2017.

Nomination form for members of the IUMS Executive Board pdf - word

Nomination form for Board of the Virology Divsion pdf - word

Nomination form for Board of the Mycology and Eukaryotic Microbiology Divsion pdf - word

Nomination form for  Board of the Bacteriology and Applied Microbiology Divsion pdf - word


Minutes of the IUMS General Assembly in Istanbul. Sunday 10th August 2008, 10.00am – 14.00pm. These minutes were adopted at the General Assembly in Sapporo, 1 September 2011.  


The President, Karl-Heinz Schleifer, welcomed National Delegates to the General Assembly.


Representatives of the following National Committees and Member Societies were present:

Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Denmark (proxy), Germany, Hungary (proxy), Italy, Israel, Japan, Korea, Macedonia (proxy), Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain (proxy), Turkey, United Kingdom, United States.

The SG and his assistants conducted a roll-call and introduction of voting delegates. All attendees presented themselves.

Minutes of the previous General Assembly, San Francisco, 2005

Copies of the previous minutes had been posted to all member associate societies and have also been placed on the IUMS website, in 2005. The minutes were adopted as correct. The minutes of the current meeting will be posted on the website soon after this GA.


Short presentation about ICSU by Professor Khotso Mokhele (ICSU Vice-President for Scientific Planning and Review). ICSU’s mission is to strengthen international science for the benefit of society. ICSU consists of 29 international scientific unions and 11 national members. A committee ensures implementation of the strategic plan 2006-2011, which was approved in October 2005. In 2008 at the GA in Mozambique the executive board will present the 2012-2018 strategic plan. Thomas Rosswell, the president of ICSU, will retire soon. A new president has been elected already: Katherine Brezignac will be installed at the upcoming GA in 2008. Other positions in the ICSU Board will also be put up for election. One of the lessons learned is that it is difficult to get input from the developing countries. At the Rome meeting ICSU found it was hard for particular Unions, to identify with ICSU. As a result the appointment of committees was changed. Usually the new president (elected at GA) formed the new committees directly after the GA. Now committees will be appointed at the 1st meeting of the new board (in April) and not directly after the GA anymore, allowing overlap between old committee members and the new ones resulting in more handover time. Professor Mokhele hopes that in the coming 3 years the strategic plan 2012-2018 will be adopted by a stable ICSU.  Question from the audience: does IUMS need ICSU? Answer from Prof. Mokhele: that depends of what IUMS wants to do. KHS: ICSU is heavily dominated by geosciences as they managed to form a block and thus have better negotiations possibilities. Geo-unions can easily appoint someone to the executive board by working together.

Report of the President (KH Schleifer)

KHS has been invited to many international meetings. KHS also had much contact with affiliated societies like the International Society of Microbiology. However, often meeting dates clash, thus meeting dates need to be planned carefully. IUMS supported 2 international meetings. First, the “International Roundtable on Dual Use Life Sciences Research” (focus on biosafety) in Bethesda, USA, was sponsored partly by money from IUMS. The other one in Gent, Belgium was a workshop building of legal, institutional and technical tools for integration of data, information and research materials in the field of microbiology. There are good connections with FEMS and International Society of Microbial Ecology (ISME. IUMS is sponsoring a meeting at ISME and the other way around. KHS thanked the Treasurer and Secretary General for their good cooperation over the past 9 years.  

Report of Treasurer (H Zeichhardt)

The executive board has approved the IUMS audited accounts of 31 December 2007. A summary was presented to the GA. In 2007, the accumulated fund balance was US $314,890 (opposed to US $292,323 in 2006). However, in 2007 there was a reduction in  income, because some membership fees from some members were not paid or not paid in full. For instance, the US decreased its contribution considerably. This resulted in a reduced income. However, IUMS did not spend much over the last year. Also an increase in interest contributed to the balance.

Fellowships and travel awards. the President-Elect took over activities of the Fellowship Committee on June 15, 2008. This resulted in 21 IUMS Travel Awards granted and 2 UNESCO-IUMS-SGM Fellowships awarded.

2008 forecast. A loss is anticipated, due to decreasing income through membership fees and uncertain income from Congresses. If this does not change, the expected balance will be US $180.000.

The national membership rate of US $1.30 per member will be sustained. Also the country charge of US $100 will not be changed.  

2014: Congress “per capita” fee will be increased to US $50 per fully registered attendee and US $25 per fully registered student.  

Following the report of the treasurer, there were no questions from the GA. The report was proposed and seconded. Opposed: none. Abstinations: none. The report was adopted.

Report of Secretary General (RA Samson)  

The IUMS website has been moved to the CBS Fungal Biodiversity Centre and has been updated to serve as a communication tool between the societies. The website is being used more and more.

IUMS membership. There have been 3 applications for IUMS membership: Tunisia and Rumania as regular members and ISME (International Society of Microbiological Ecology) as an associate member. All 3 were accepted by the Executive Board. There is a problem with the Russian microbiology society that requested membership some time ago: since then there has been no contact. The Secretary General hopes they will contact him soon.

IUMS Congresses 2014. Bids were received from Canada, Singapore, Netherlands and South Africa. However, the bid from S. Africa came via a university microbiology department, rather than the national organization, and was received only 1 week before this GA and therefore was ineligible (bids should be sent to Secretary General at least 3 months before the GA). Maybe South Africa can bid for 2017. All bids should follow the guidelines. Only national committees can bid, not the congress centers.

The Secretary General sent many letters to member societies but received few replies. Many addresses and email accounts seem to be out of date. Please check your address on the IUMS website and send any updates to the Secretary General.

Membership fees. Some countries are not paying their membership fees for different reasons. The Secretary General advised those countries to contact IUMS and discuss in order to find a solution. According to the IUMS statutes, a National Committee that has not paid its dues in full for three successive years, on notice being given by the Secretary-General, is regarded as having resigned.

Following the Report of the Secretary there were no questions. The report was adopted.

Divisional Reports

BAM (represented by M. Hecker in absence of P. Courvalin). There were 660 posters during the congress. BAM has 4 very active COMCOF’s, holding many meetings. The goal is to include the scientific programs of COMCOF’s in the IUMS. Last week there was a council meeting. COMCOF’s should be notified at an earlier stage in the future.

Note: regarding the Sapporo Congress, Prof. Tomita would also like to know the total number of COMCOF’s involved in the Congress, and their needs.   

MYCOLOGY (G. Fleet). The mycology division organizes symposia and various meetings. There are 200 registrants in the mycology division. Find more information regarding the divisions’ activities on the IUMS website. New vice- chairman will take over from G. Fleet. M. Viviani will be the new chairman.     

VIROLOGY (G.L. Smith): the full minutes will be on the website soon. Brief summary; San Francisco meeting was very successful with 1250 attendees of 70 countries, of which 950 were registered delegates. There were plenary sessions in the mornings, workshops in the afternoons. There is just 1 COMCOF in the virology division, but it does an excellent job.  

Report: UNESCO, IUMS, SGM Fellowships (D. Sordelli)

SGM provides some support for IUMS to award 2 fellowships and these were given to scientists in Nigeria and Russia who will visit laboratories in Denmark and UK, respectively.. The IUMS travel award programme saved money during the last 3 years in order to save up for travel awards for students that want to attend this Congress. There were 226 applications, 21 were selected and 19 fellowships were awarded (Because 1 person declined, and the other did not reply to messages). Question: have Russia and Nigeria paid their membership fees? If not, why can they receive fellowship? The Treasurer will investigate if the countries have paid their dues at the end of the fiscal year. Action HZ

Report on IUMS Awards (J. Bennett)

The Mudd award went to Dr. Harald  zur Hausen from Germany and The Arima award went to Dr. T. Edward Cleveland. At the next Congress the awards will be presented during the opening ceremony. JB encourages nominations (e.g. there is a shortage in bacteriology nominations).  

Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct for Members of Societies within IUMS (D. Sordelli)  

At the San Francisco meeting the IUMS code of ethics was presented at the GA (27 July 2005). Revisions to the code were made on 30 September and 4 November 2005. IUMS societies were contacted asking them if they already had a code of ethics in place. No opposition to the proposed code of ethics were received and therrefore it was adopted. Member societies are able to suggest changes for consideration at the next GA and the President asked the attendees to make a link from their website to the IUMS code of ethics page.  

Report of the Nomination Committee for the new Executive Board

Nominations for the Executive Board of 2008-2011 were:  

President-Elect: Geoffrey Smith (UK) and Keith Klugman (USA). 2 Vice-Presidents: Bernard J. Bucher (Martinique), Joan W. Bennett (USA) and Yoshiyuki Nagai (Japan). 2 Members at Large: Ozdem Ang (Turkey), Yuan Kun Lee (Singapore) and Stephen A. Lerner (USA). Treasurer: Heinz Zeichhardt (Germany) – re-election unopposed. Secretary General: Robert A. Samson (Netherlands) – re-election unopposed

President asks GA if there are any objections to the election of the 2 unopposed functions (Treasurer and Secretary General). No one opposes.  

Voting process: On all motions each Executive Board member has one vote. The Secretary General explained that the number of votes the National Committees have is linked to the number of members with a maximum of 6 votes. The votes were counted during a short recess of the GA.   


New President-Elect: Geoffrey Smith (UK). New Vice-Presidents: Yoshiyuki Nagai (Japan) and Joan W. Bennett (USA). New Members at Large: Yuan Kun Lee (Singapore) and Stephen A. Lerner (USA). All votes were used and no mistakes were found. The President congratulated all newly elected members. Directly after this meeting the handover meeting will take place.  

President: the new President will be the current President-Elect, D. Sordelli (Argentina)

Announcement: IUMS Congress site: 2014

At the Executive Board meeting bids from 3 countries were considered. The decision was close, but Canada (Montreal) was chosen as the next venue for the IUMS meeting in 2014, which will take place around the end of July / the first week of August.


  • F. Tomita introduces to the GA the Congress Venue in Sapporo, Japan. The Congress will take place on September 6-16, 2011. There will also be an outreach programme in Japan, freely accessible to the general public. The GA and the outreach programme will take place on Sept 11, 2011.
  • J. Bennett: proposed a change of bylaws, allowing a member of the national organizing committee of the upcoming Congress to become an ad hoc member of the IUMS Executive Board for the 3 years prior to the congresses to ensure greater communication. inconsequently, in 2011 a Canadian would join the Executive Board Meeting in Sapporo. In favour: all. Oppositions: none.  Action RAS Statutes and bylaw will be examined if this change can be adopted.
  • J. Davies: 5 years ago the Executive Board held a strategic session, which was, according to him, very successful. Many items were implemented. JD advises the board to have another one of those meetings.  

The meeting was adjourned at 13.

Minutes IUMS General Assembly Paris, France Monday 29th July, 2002, 12.30 - 12.30pm


1 Welcome: The President, BWJ Mahy, welcomed National Delegates to the General Assembly.

2 Delegates: Representatives of the following National Committees and Member Societies were present:

Argentina Australia Belgium Brazil Chile China Croatia Denmark Finland France Germany Hungary India Israel Japan Macedonia The Netherlands Norway Poland Russia Singapore Slovenia South Africa Taiwan (ROC) Turkey United Kingdom USA

The Secretary General explained the new voting procedures and the number of votes to be cast under the existing statutes.

3 Minutes of the previous General Assembly, Sydney, 1999 - Appendix 3

Copies of the previous minutes had been posted to all member and associate societies in March, 2003 and been placed on the IUMS website, and were adopted as correct.

4 Report of the President BWJ Mahy -  Appendix 4

The President remarked on how IUMS had been set up in Paris 75 years earlier and that the first Congress was held in that city in 1930. He related the separation of the Virology Congress from the bacteriology and Mycology Congresses and how this was the first time that the three Congresses had been held together during the same week. He hoped that delegates would have successful meetings and asked that feedback be given to the Executive Board Members so that the success or otherwise could be assessed in order to plan future Congresses. The report was adopted.

5 Report of the Treasurer A Hamilton -  Appendix 5 & 5a

A Hamilton reported that while the accounts are subject to some fluctuation from year to year depending on whether Congresses are held and member’s dues paid. He reported that the IUMS accounts were in a healthy position due to more consistent receipts from member’s dues and the increase in the amount paid by the USA. He listed a number of individual items of income and expenditure which worthy of note and pointed out that there was now $150,000 available to fund scientific initiatives. The accounts presented had been audited by Chantry Vellacott DFK. The report was adopted.

6 Report of the Secretary General JS Mackenzie -  Appendix 4

The Secretary General presented his report and drew attention to the importance of the new IUMS website as a means of information exchange between IUMS and its members and associate members. He introduced the webmaster Ian Mackay and urged members to contact him with any information worthy of being included on the website. In particular he urged COMCOFs to link their websites with that of IUMS. He spoke of the increased level of involvement that he and many members of the Executive Board had had to undertake with regard to organizing the Paris Congresses. This had impacted on how much time could be devoted to other IUMS activities. Membership: The Societa Italiana di Virlogia (SIV) had joined in the previous year and the Pakistani Society for Microbiology had recently requested membership forms. A new society had recently been formed in Fiji and it was hoped this would eventually become an associate member. The full list of members was given on the back of the Newsletter in delegates’ satchels. Appendix 4a. The report was adopted.

Sponsored Meetings: IUMS sponsored 20 meetings between 1995-1998

In view of its decreasing financial resources, the IUMS Executive Board decided in 1997 to reallocate its resources to a few major projects such as the Microbial Diversity program, DIVERSITAS, the Species 2000 project involved in the establishment of taxonomic databases, the Pneumococcal Molecular Epidemiology Network and the short term IUMS/UNESCO and SGM fellowship program


  • The World Journal Of Microbiology & Biotechnology (WJMB) published by Chapman Hall was the official journal of IUMS from 1991-1996. Items of interest published in WJMB are:
  • Virology Division statutes (WJMB 1991, Vol 7, No 4)
  • BAM Division statutes (WJMB 1991, Vol 7, No 5)
  • History of IUMS (WJMB 1993, Vol 9, Nos 2-6)

In 1996 IUMS terminated its contract with The World Journal Of Microbiology & Biotechnology (WJMB) and came to an agreement with ASM News whereby IUMS News items are published in ASM News. At present IUMS pays for the mailing of 52 copies of ASM News to IUMS member societies underserved with journals.

Societies now receiving ASM News: Appendix 4.2

The Secretary General gave a list of IUMS News items that have appeared in ASM News, 1996-1999

Journals which fall under the auspices of IUMS:

  • International Journal of Food Microbiology. This is the official Journal of the International Committee on Food Microbiology and Hygiene (ICFMH), a COMCOF of the BAM Division. The Editor in Chief is M Jakobsen
  • International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology. Until the end of 1997, this journal was published by ASM on behalf of the International Committee on Systematic Bacteriology (a BAM COMCOF). From 1998, the journal is published by the Society for General Microbiology, which supplies a full time staff editor as well as support staff.
  • Journal of Medical and Veterinary Mycology. This is an official Journal of the Mycology Division of IUMS.
  • Archives of Virology. This is the official Journal of the Virology Division of IUMS, published by Springer Verlag, Vienna. It publishes regular Virology Division News items. The Editor in Chief is M H V Van Regenmortel
  • Biologicals. This is the official journal of the International Association for Biologicals (IABS) a COMCOF of IUMS and is published by Academic Press, London. The Editors in Chief are F Horaud and E Griffiths. Since 1994, IABS has also published 17 volumes of Conference Proceedings of IABS Symposia

IUMS Brochure and Directory

IUMS published a Brochure and Directory in 1997. Copies were sent to individual members of IUMS member societies. The Brochure and Directory have since been updated and the latest information is available on the IUMS Website (http://www. iums.vir. N.B. Now

7 Divisional Reports

Bacteriology, Applied Microbiology Division T Gray.  The report was presented by M Collins -  Appendix 7a

The Division reported on the alterations made to their Statues such that the Vice-Chairperson automatically becomes the new Chairperson. This brings this Division into line with the other two Divisions. Martin Collins had been appointed Secretary/Treasurer on the resignation of Prof Aharonvitch. The Division reported on the efforts made to update address lists of representatives and National Committees and COMCOFs. With these, contact with all COMCOFs had been established and these had been asked to provide a brief summary of their activities and financial affairs. The Division would like to encourage their COMCOFs to hold their scientific meetings at the same time as the BAM Congress and to that end has requested them to examine their programme of meetings now and report to the new Chairperson on the feasibility of carrying out this proposal. T Gray discussed the income difficulties experienced by the Division and expressed his hope that some of these may be solved by the sales of the International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology. T Gray, through M Collins, thanked his fellow officers for their support during his term as Vice-Chair and Chair. The report was adopted.

Mycology Division Report R Samson -  Appendix 7b

R Samson reported that the Mycology Division COMCOFs had been responsible for the majority of activities over the previous three years, particularly ICFM, ICPA, ICAMD and ICY. No activities were reported from ICEM and ICAS and this was to be discussed at the Mycology Division General Assembly in Paris. R Samson had taken over as Chair on the resignation of the elected Chair, Inge Russell. He expressed his frustration at the local organisation of the 10th Mycology Congress and said he was disappointed with the final result and that many mycologists were offended by the blunders made by the Paris Congress organisation. He urged the Executive Board to evaluate, investigate and describe clear and stricter conditions and guidelines for future congress organisers. The Division presented two short reports on the operations of two COMCOFS - ICPA and ICFM. The report was adopted.

Virology Division Report RW Compans -  Appendix 7c

The Division reported that the highlight of its activities had been the Congress in Sydney, which was a great success scientifically. At the 1999 general meeting a primary topic of discussion was the relationship of the ICV to other IUMS Congresses and the need to maintain distinct identities between the three congresses. A second concern was the linking of the ICV budget with those of BAM and Mycology Congresses with the majority of Virology Division members being opposed to the idea. Planning for the Paris Congress involved a number of meetings and a new feature of this meeting will be the introduction of three Bridging Plenary Sessions. The Virology Division also agreed to alter the term ‘workshop’ to’ symposium’ to conform to terminology used by the other Congresses. R Compans reported on the work of the Division’s International Committee for the Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) and this committee’s 7th report published in 2000, which includes two new Orders: Caudovrales and Nidovirales. He also reported on the revised code for the typographical convention given to names of viruses which has all virus species written in italics with the initial letter capitalised. Despite some criticism, this method is now generally adopted. The Division reported that the activities of the Division had been reported via ‘Virology Division News’ which appears in the Archives of Virology. A list of publications relating to the ‘Virology Division News’ was presented. Appendix8a. R Compans said the Division continued to depend heavily on the assistance of staff members of parent institutions of the Executive Board due to the financial constraints experienced by the Division. The report was adopted.

8 Pneumococcal Network Report K Klugmal -  Appendix 8

Rita Colwell gave an overview of the activities of Diversitas and Microbial Biodiversity activities during the period 1994-1999. She will continue to act as the IUMS representative on the Biodiversity program. The report was adopted

10 Report: UNESCO, IUMS, SGM Fellowships WN Konings -  Appendix 8

The report was adopted

11 Vote on an amendment to the By-laws Section VII – Dues, B21
    Vote on an amendment to the By-laws Section VIII – General, B34 -  Appendix 11

The Votes were taken and both amendments were passed by a majority of the delegates present.

12 Report of the Nomination Committee for the new Executive Board

  •  The Chairperson (BWJ Mahy) presented the report: The following persons were proposed for the new IUMS Executive Board:
  •  President: Julian Davis (Canada/Wales)
  •  Vice Presidents: Gail Cassell (USA)
  •  Fusao Tomita (Japan)
  •  Secretary General John S Mackenzie (Australia)
  •  Treasurer: W Allan Hamilton (UK)
  •  Members-at-large Erko Stackebrandt (Germany)
  •  Daniel Sordelli (Argentina)

The proposed list was voted on by the delegates and the candidates proposed by the Nominating Committee were elected. The Chairman BWJ Mahy formally handed over the Chair of the meeting to J Davis, the new IUMS President who chaired the remainder of the meeting.

13 Announcement of the IUMS Congress Site – 2008

The President announced that the Executive Board had selected Instanbul, Turkey for the Congress site for the IUMS Congresses, 2008. The Congresses are to be held over 2 weeks with a similar format to that in Sydney.

14 Any Other Business

15 Executive Board Handover Meeting

The new executive Board Members were invited to attend the Handover Meeting on Thursday 1st August, 2002 in room 253 from 12.15 to 2.15pm.