The next IUMS General Assembly will take place on Sunday July 27 2014 11.00-13.00 at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal (Montréal’s Convention Centre). Room 518A-B

1 Welcome & introduction by the President

2 Roll-call & introduction of voting delegates by the Secretary General and his assistants

3 Adoptions of Minutes of the Sapporo 2011 General Assembly

4. Short presentation about ICSU by Professor Gordon McBean, ICSU President-elect: Science for Policy and Policy for Science

5 Report of the President (G Smith)

6 Report of the Treasurer (H Fickenscher)

7 Report of the Secretary (RA Samson)

8 Divisional Reports

  • BAM (E Ron)
  • Mycology (S Baker)
  • Virology (Y Kawakoa)

10 Report UNESCO, IUMS, SGM Fellowships (G Smith)

11 Report on IUMS Awards (S. Lerner)

12 Report of the Nomination Committee for the new Executive Board

Voting by IUMS delegates for the Election of:

  • President-Elect
  • 2 Vice Presidents
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary General
  • 2 Members at Large

14 Change of the IUMS constitutions (S. Lerner)

15. IUMS outreach programmes. Report of activities (S Lerner, RA Samson)

16 IUMS Congress Singapore 2017 and announcement of the site for 2020

 17 AOB

18 Notification of the new Executive Board Members to attend the Handover meeting